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Imagination Pottery and Creations

Art For Everyone!!!
Canvas Creations
Imagination Pottery and Creations will be your artistic outlet even if you think you can't draw a straight line.
We will walk you through the steps of painting while providing you with an evening of entertainment, conversations,
creative inspirations, possibly a glass of wine or beer, and a few hours of laughter, Best of all you will have your finished
painting to take home with you at the end of the night to brag about!

We also do the canvas painting's with Scouts!

Are you a leader or scout looking for your "Craft badge?"
You can stop looking, we have designed all sorts of activities for scouts parties from splatter painting, mosaics, stepping stones,
holiday projects, etc... You tell me the date, time, number of scouts and we will come up with the project for you.
We provide the instructions, material, and ideas.... As low as $10 per scout. Call shop today to book your event.
Also, feel free to bring snacks, drinks, etc...

Prince/Princess Frog, Saturday June 7th 2-4 p.m., $20.00 per painter

     Hunting Open Day, Saturday June 14th, 2-4p.m., $20.00 per painter

Farm At Night, Saturday June 21st, 2-4 p.m., $35.00 per painter

Troy Buchanan High School Fundraiser July 12th, 4-6p.m., $35.00 per painter
20% of proceeds will go to "TBHS"

The Barn, Friday June 27th, 6-8p.m., $35.00 per painter

Peacock Feather, Saturday July 5th, 5-7p.m., $35.00 per painter

"Couples Night" Friday July 11th, 6-8p.m., $50.00 per couple

Arrive 20 before to start time

Your credit card will NOT be charged at this time. Because we have limited seating,
your credit card has been used to reserve your spot. However, please note we will
take full payment in the studio day of event.  We do understand that conflicts sometimes
arise so we ask that you let us know 48 hours in advance if you cannot attend otherwise your card
will be charged the full amount.
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